Copy and Paste from Web to Vim

Posted on January 12, 2007 in Vim

Normaly autoindent is enabled, so it looks horrible when you paste something from an webpage into vim. So before you do this, type:

:set paste

Then in insert mode you can paste as usual with Shift+Ins.

Edit: Caution! This disables mapping in insert mode and in command-line mode and abbreviations !!

So to disable it again type :set paste! or :set nopaste.

Another method and much faster is to type:


paste the code and hit CTRL-C.

Hint: Hit enter before CTRL-C if you did not cut the last \n to not to miss the last line.

What annoys me too sometimes is the auto-commenting of vim, you can disable it with:

:set com=f://

But this only works when you type it in command mode. To set it permanently, you have to write this in your ~/.vimrc :

set fo-=r